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Counterfeiting is a crime that must be stopped.One of the biggest concerns for intellectual property owners,counterfeiting betrays consumers who have relied on the integrity of a trusted brand by purchasing it.When it fails,Its quality cannot be guaranteed.While counterfeiters steal a free ride on the hard-earned reputation of an established brand,they also deceive consumers and betray their confidence.

YKK believes strongly that enhancement of our intellectual property ties directly to reduce and eventually eliminating all couterfeit activities.We know eliminating couterfeits will also benefit our valued customers and all consumers who rely on brand integrity.

Zippers may be little parts in your manufactured product,but they do have an important function that sometimes enhance its safety,performance,and endurance.Working together,we can win the fight against counterfeits and make a big difference in protecting your brand.It is our goal to assist you in identifying and eliminating counterfeits.

Help yourself and the integrity of your product and brand:
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