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Viewing all over the world.YKK persists in rigorous management of good quality with same standard.YKK built up FGQMC(Fastening Global Quality Management Committee)to assure the quality of products at global advanced level and to satisfy the customer with safety and reliability on products.FGQMC is responsible for studying on world laws and regulation test and monitor the quality level of the products,unification of product specification and other activities to assure product quality to the global business partners.YKK standard equals to world standard,and YKK quality equals to world quality.

YKK Group always bends herself to solve environmental problem.In Sep.1994,YKK Group worked out"YKK Group Environmental Charter",unanimously committed to zero pollution environment-aiming at the harmonization of rich and healthy human life with environment and turning"commitment to environmental protection and improvement"in all business activities into a basic company philosophy.

With the superior ability.China has come to be the international garment processing base.With the infinite international trading environment,make China full of business opportunity of import and export.Moreover,the China garment supply and demand market has been developing vigorously.As the head of the international zipper provider.YKK turns on a new century with you-the reverent associate,at such a signality moment with advanced software techenology and hardware equipment.

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